Data Centers

Advantages for Data Centers

Imperial Valley is a relatively untapped opportunity for the data center industry. With the lowest energy rates in the state, abundant and inexpensive Colorado River water resources, low-cost land, fiber connectivity and low risk for natural disasters, the Imperial Valley is assuredly an ideal location. As Imperial Valley leads the state in renewable energy production and resources, local data centers will also have opportunities to procure clean, reliable power.

Leading Renewable Energy Producers

Imperial County currently leads the State of California in renewable energy production:

  • Solar (2000 MW)

  • Geothermal (700 MW)

  • Wind (265 MW) 

  • Biomass (46 MW) 

  • Hydroelectric (8 MW)

Additionally, there is approximately 2,000 MW’s of solar currently permitted and 1,300 MW’s of untapped geothermal resources waiting to provide your data center with clean, baseload renewable energy.